Working Together For A Brighter Future

The biggest investment we make isn’t into a single stock or share, it’s our commitment to helping you realize the future you deserve. Bound together by a common goal, our success relies upon the realization of your dreams

Local Knowledge, Global Reach

Our regional offices dovetail together creating one worldwide team, combining global coverage with local knowledge to ensure all our clients are able to utilise their international status to secure their future, regardless of where their journey might take them.

Financial Control At Your Fingertips. Wherever You Are In The World

By harnessing cutting-edge communication technology, ALTAIR HOLDINGS INCORPORATION provides a number of ways to keep in touch in addition to the more traditional methods of contact

Interactive web meetings, online conferencing and the ALTAIR HOLDINGS INCORPORATION Investor Portal place your Adviser, and access to your investment portfolio, literally in the palm of your hand, 24 hours a day


We take the time to understand your values and investing goals, but you can rest assured that’s just the beginning.

Financial Planning is a cyclical process and so we need to ensure that we keep your plan under review as personal and economic factors will change. Financial plans evolve and develop over time through an ongoing relationship between us both, and in order to ensure the plan is robust, it must be frequently monitored.

At ALTAIR HOLDINGS INCORPORATION, we always take a long-term view and as your investment partner it’s our job to coach you through things like market volatility and political uncertainty. By working with you to help expand your knowledge of such matters, you will begin to see how you can anticipate and benefit from having a strong, long-term investment strategy.

Successful Investing Isn’t A Skill, It’s A Behavior

Investor behavior is the biggest factor that determines long term investment returns. This is because it’s your emotion and overconfidence that can affect your investment decision-making. When markets fall, a common reaction is to sell. Panic selling is one of the biggest risks when investing. However, an unwillingness to accept when to cut your losses, can be equally harmful. At ALTAIR HOLDINGS INCORPORATION we have decades of experience of navigating these ups and downs, and as part of our ongoing support, we will guide you through the headlines and get rich quick investment schemes.

In addition to a dedicated Financial Adviser, Altair Holding Inc clients have access to a team of skilled and experienced people with unrivaled knowledge and expertise.

International Pension Options

A pension is often the single biggest element of a person’s retirement plan. Our dedicated Pensions Division specialize in identifying the pros and cons of all the options available to you.

Investment Committee

Our in-house Investment Committee comprises representatives from various departments of the business with a primary function of providing governance and oversight to the investment proposition of the business. Our industry-leading investment proposition is based on protecting existing wealth and building steady and consistent returns.


There are close to 500 international globally based planning firms, and over 97% of these have no ability to offer regulated ongoing advice or service to British expats when they choose to return home. ALTAIR HOLDINGS INCORPORATION Repatriation team exist to do just that. Working alongside you to ensure you aren’t faced with any unexpected tax issues upon your return.

Discretionary Fund Management

Combining the expertise of ALTAIR HOLDINGS INCORPORATION and carefully selected Fund Managers with cutting edge platform technology, allows us to offer a Managed Portfolio solution to clients who would normally not meet the requirements to access Discretionary Fund Management.

As your partner on your journey, we will be with you every step of the way.

  • Review meetings to assess your current circumstances and recommendations in line with any changes needed;

  • Access to your Financial Planner and technical support within the team;

  • Access to international tax experts and qualified pension specialists;

  • Regular market updates;

  • Updates and information regarding your holdings;

  • Access to exclusive seminars and events;

  • Answers to any ad-hoc financial planning queries which you may have;

  • Research and analysis using comparator software of the market to ensure that the Investment Managers are producing consistent returns in line with risk parameters;

  • Reviewing and rebalancing of your portfolio in line with the latest research from our Investment Committee.