Lifestyle Financial Planning

Over the years, you will have to cope with significant lifestyle changes, some of which occur unexpectedly whilst others can be foreseen, and with a little time and the right planning; such events should barely register as a blip as you chart your journey through life.

  • Today

    As international workers just like you, we know how unbelievably complicated simple financial matters can be. However, whether it’s to save money on currency transfers, earn more interest on your savings, or retain more of your wealth through improved tax efficiency, it’s something that can’t be ignored

  • Tomorrow

    In the short term, things like the cost of buying a house, starting a family and the subsequent cost of providing an international education for your children have the potential to derail your plans further in the future without planning ahead

    Choosing to return home or move somewhere completely new to retire can have a huge bearing on your wealth if you make the wrong decisions today. ALTAIR HOLDINGS INCORPORATION are one of the few global financial advisory firms with a specialist Repatriation division meaning we can offer a true 360 service to expatriates.

  • Beyond

    For many people, a pension is something set up by a third party and presented by an employer as a ‘benefit’ of employment. As such the pension invariably isn’t relevant to that persons plans for the future. As an expatriate, your international status opens up a whole range of additional options to consider, often meaning you can restructure your existing savings into an investment vehicle that works for you.

    Naturally you want to pass on the fruits of your labour to your loved ones when you die. In some countries the absence of a will can lead to your wealth being tied up in probate, and the wellbeing of your family being left in the hands of solicitors. Having a will and a sound estate planning strategy in place is vital to ensure the process is as smooth as possible

Inheritance Tax Planning

Ensure that your life’s wealth goes to the people you want it to. The idea of working your whole life and then having to pass a large chunk of your wealth to the tax man can leave a bitter taste in many people’s mouths. However, there are ways to minimise or even eradicate any such liability and ensure that your life’s wealth goes to the people you want it to.

Inheritance tax planning isn’t a subject most of us care to think about, but getting the right advice is imperative to make sure your wealth is passed to the ones you love efficiently and quickly.

Do I really have to declare all my assets?

HMRC is a powerful force and has access to up to 7 years of your financial matters, in order to identify any activity that could be liable for inheritance tax. They can look into any schemes or gifts that you have organized to see if you had continued to benefit from assets that you had declared to have passed on. Without clear planning and documentation, your beneficiaries could face a long drawn out investigation at the worst possible time

Can't I just give my assets or cash away?

While making a gift from your estate may sound simple, you must seek professional advice in order to ensure that it has a positive impact on your inheritance tax liabilities. An IHT liability is measured on various factors, such as how long ago the gift was made, who it was made to and for what reason. You need to ensure that you have managed your money and estate correctly. It is important to understand that by making a gift, you are no longer entitled to benefit from that particular asset

But I’ve left my home behind, do their inheritance tax laws still affect me?

The short answer is yes. Even if you are an international worker living overseas, if you still hold ownership on any property within your home nation, you could find that your entire estate is liable for local inheritance tax. This is down to legal definitions and how this affects your inheritance tax liability. It all boils down to whether your status in another country is regarded as residence or domicile. Acquiring a new domicile is difficult. You need to be able to show that you never intend to return and once you have made this choice, it is still best practice to seek professional help!